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Preliminary review and engagement with subject matter expert mentor

Investor interaction for funding - deeper engagement and potential support up to Series A

Access to AWS/IBM Credits and other resources

Corporate interactions

Access to Incubation Centers


IvyCamp sessions on funding, legal issues, technology, pitch guidance and more

Leverage the global alumni network and resources across institutes to find the mentoring, support and funding that you need. Engage with your alumni to brainstorm on issues you are struggling with, use as a sounding board to vet your strategy and business models, and get the right guidance to shape and grow your venture. Leverage the IvyCamp network to find the partners you need - incubation centers, technical expertise, and more. Leverage our environment to Pitch to multiple investors to get the funding you need.

  • Unique access to your institute and other alumni networks for mentoring, funding, support.
  • Strong entrepreneur engagement process via the IvyCamp community.
  • Find expertise across the community to become part of your team.
  • Link up with corporate R&D/innovation centers.

The platform has already gained momentum through active participation from entrepreneurs across all the IITs, IIMs, BITs and ISB



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    Unique Mentoring, Funding, and Support Marketplace powered by
    Global Alumni Networks

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    The Community

    IvyCamp is the largest Entrepreneur focused alumni network with passionate engagement from alumni across the globe.

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    The Insights

    Understanding how to structure, start, and grow your business is crucial. Connect with the right mentors and investors as a sounding board, partners, guides, and more.

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    The Tools

    Get a proprietary IvyCamp funding score that our investors will use as guidance. Leverage our platform to pitch to investors, interact with them and more.