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IvyCamp partners with organizations to provide selected startups and innovators with resources that they need to support and grow their business.

If you are interested in applying for these resources, you must be a registered Startup on the IvyCamp Platform. If already registered, you can go on your dashboard, select the option for ‘Resources’ and select the resources you want to apply for. To register on the platform click Register.


There are lot of legal challenges when starting your startup. Get easy access to top quality legal advice at an affordable price from Juris Corp

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Registration And Regulatory Services

To seek funding, to operate your business, it is important to register your startup either as Private Limited Company/Partnership/Limited Liability Partnership/Sole Proprietorship. You have to decide based on merits and your requirement.

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Regulatory Compliance Services

For a Startup, it is important to analyse if you are compliant and are following certain laid-down protocols. Is your Startup Compliant?

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