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Access to Startups from your Alma Mater, engagement with like minded mentors

Engagement with startups across the network

Access for your other mentored startups to the IvyCamp network


Engagement in IvyCamp sessions on funding, legal issues, pitch guidance and more

Become a mentor for the young talent and become a part of this exciting ecosystem to grow entrepreneurship and become a role model for your alma mater. Be the part of an exciting new idea and experience the excitement and satisfaction of helping to take an idea to reality and create a new young entrepreneur. Choose which sector you want to be associated with, how much time you want to contribute and the method of that contribution. We will work with you to fit in your schedule and to make the experience for you and the mentee(s) most satisfying.

  • Become a role model for innovators and entrepreneurs from your alma mater and other institutes.
  • Evaluate and guide ventures at any stage from ideation to commercialization.
  • Support top innovators in the nation.
  • Option to fund investments.

Some of our mentors

The Alumni Connect

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Mentor and guide innovators and entrepreneurs from your and other Alma Maters.

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Mentoring and supporting innovation targeted at solving real world problems that will reach out to masses.

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Build Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Guide new innovators and entrepreneurs from the grassroots level and help grow the entrepreneurial spirit and excitement across our institutions.