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IvyCamp Partner Program

IvyCamp and Airbus BizLabs are partnering to cultivate and support innovations in the aerospace sector. These innovations could range across technology, operations, services, and much more.

We are now scouting for startups that will be selected for the second season of the Airbus BizLabs accelerator in Bangalore.

About AirBus BizLabs :

Airbus BizLab, the aerospace accelerator within Airbus, works closely with startups and internal innovation projects to speed up the transformation of innovative ideas into valuable businesses.

Airbus operates a worldwide network of three BizLab accelerators, with locations in Europe and India. The first Airbus BizLab was formally inaugurated in Toulouse, France, followed by a second accelerator opened in Hamburg, Germany, and then a third BizLab in Bangalore, India.

Airbus BizLab India has launched the call for applications for the season #2 of the acceleration program. Startups can now apply for one of the most sought after programs around the world.

What is Airbus BizLab's objective?

BizLab's objective is to ensure that Airbus has visibility of disruptive ideas coming from both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. The focus is to identify innovative projects from startups and internal teams, and help them convert these ideas into a concrete business to enable implementation of these ideas in various departments of Airbus and also in general the aerospace sector.

How does the Airbus BizLab program benefit a startup?

Startups that are selected as part of the program will have the opportunity to work with relevant departments within Airbus to develop use cases and to test their products and solutions.

Apart from this opportunity of potentially supplying to Airbus, BizLab also opens up its contacts which include several industry leaders in different fields of expertise to mentor the startups and lead them to more opportunities.

Based on each startup's need, Airbus BizLab will help in connecting them to investors in the local ecosystem to help the entrepreneurs raise funding and thus giving them more scope to spread their wings.

Can any startup apply for the Airbus BizLab program?

Airbus BizLab would be interested in evaluating any startup with a disruptive idea that can add value to Airbus and the aerospace sector. Some of the key focus areas for season #2 are Robotics, Iot, Data Analytics, Image Processing, VR/AR, FinTech (Processes, Budgeting, Accounting, Reporting, Funding etc.), Supply Chain, Door to Door Mobility (Passenger experience), Gaming, Aviation Products and Services, Drones, Manufacturing, Airport Management (Services and Products), Space Technologies and Solutions.

If your startup is in any of the domains mentioned above and feel that your product/solution can also add value not just to Airbus but also the aerospace sector, then feel free to apply to our program.

How to Apply ?

If you are an IvyCamp Registered Startup , you can login into your account and apply through Apply to AirBus BizLab from your dashboard.

If you are not an IvyCamp Registered Startup, then you have to register here. Post Registration, you will be redirected to the registration page of the program.

Last date for applications is 20th of November 2016.

What is the procedure after applying?

After the last date for application, the Airbus BizLab team will review all the applications one by one and shortlist the startups on three main parameters: Customer Desirability, Solution Feasibility and Business Viability.

The shortlisted startups will then be invited to make a short pitch in front of a panel of jury members consisting of Airbus management, industry leaders, BizLab partners and investors.The top 6 or 7 startups from this shortlisted lot, will then be identified and accepted into the Airbus BizLab program.

When is the next season starting?

Although the exact dates for the start of Season #2 isn't set, the tentative start date wouldn't be later than the first week of January 2017.