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Engagement with high quality startups across the network

Engage and co-invest with like minded investors


IvyCamp Curated startups, term sheet and deal support, opportunity to co-invest with a VC fund – IvyCap Ventures

Invest in the some of the most innovative ventures. Choose which level of funding you want to come in at, and the sector of interest. Leverage the IvyCamp expertise to shortlist relevant ventures.

  • Access to the top innovations and ventures from across institutions.
  • Simple online process to engage with startups.
  • Select which startups you want pitched to you.

How We Work


Proprietary IvyCamp Funding Score

Leverage our proprietary score built using our investment thesis and experience to see what funding a startup should be eligible for.

Alumni Connect

Find innovators and entrepreneurs from your alma mater and others. See which innovations and startups other mentors and investors in your network find interesting.

Pitch Rooms

Interact with startups online via our unique pitch rooms.


Simple process to register, access, and find the right deals.