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Engagement with mentors with expertise in different sectors and areas of strategy, finance, technology, etc.

Corporate engagement on patent commercialization

Investor interaction for funding

Incubation Centers and Research Labs

Access to AWS/IBM Credits and other resources


IvyCamp sessions on funding, legal issues, pitch guidance and more

Connect with the alumni network to find startups and corporates interested in commercializing your patent. Access technical experts and resources to take your innovation to the next level. Engage with other innovators across the IvyCamp network. Explore what other patents exist in your field, collaborate with like-minded innovators, get guidance on issues around patents and much more.

  • Network with the latest researchers and innovators in your field.
  • Find out and collaborate on your innovation.
  • Look for patents in your field to know what’s out there.
  • Link up with corporate R&D/innovation centers.
  • Get technical, business, strategy mentorship.
  • Get funds, access to resources for testing/validation.

Built for Innovators to help Commercialize their Innovations

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The Community

IvyCamp is the largest innovator focused alumni network with passionate engagement from alumni across the globe.

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The Insights

Understanding how to evaluate, test, leverage your innovation and then commercialize it is crucial. Connect with the right mentors, investors, labs, corporates guide, test, validate and more.

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The Tools

Search for other innovators in your field, patents, and understand how your idea can be commercialized in different sectors. Leverage our platform to pitch to the community, find partners, support, and more.