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IvyCamp Banking Partner

While software companies are developing great software products and services, they seem to be unaware of the cybersecurity challenge they face. These challenges come in the form of vulnerabilities, cloud hosting security problems, cryptographic issues, product deployment issues and vulnerabilities introduced from the 3rd party software components.

And that’s where the cyberSecurists (IT software security experts) come in.

In our work with our customers, we have found that product teams are blindsided by the cyber security challenges, and then run into critical condition when a customer or prospective financier/acquirer asks for the details of how their product or solution is secure and in compliance with industry or regulatory standards. We strive to ensure that you have adequate preparation and awareness, as well as evidences for satisfactory demonstration of security of your product/services.

We are a cybersecurity start up company based in Pune. The company was founded by Ex-Symantec experts, led by Mahesh Saptarshi with Rohit Pitke as a mentor.

Our Offerings

Advisory Engagements

  • Security review/threat modelling
  • 3rd party component suggestions for improving security
  • security skill enhancement and event management advice

Product Security Assurance Consulting

  • Security test plan and test case development
  • Penetration testing
  • Engineering services for 3rd party component security review and incident management

Information Security consulting

  • VAPT for IT Infrastructure
  • System Hardening
  • Vulnerability management, response and monitoring
  • Protection against threats such as Ransomware

Compliance and Security Standards Consulting

  • Compliance Scoping and plan for specific standards requirement like ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, HIPAA
  • Gap Assessment and Risk plan
  • Implementation of necessary controls for compliance and security audit

Code Review

  • Tool Based Security Code review
  • TypeScript, JavaScript, NodeJS, JAVA, C, C++, Ruby, Python etc