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Corporates play a unique role in the startup ecosystem, both from the perspective of identifying real word business and technical problems that need innovative solutions, and in supporting those innovators through support like funding, product /market validation, customer access and more. Increasingly, corporate are looking to engage with young innovators for solutions to complement their own efforts at improving internal efficiencies, growing innovation internally, creating more product offerings from their own customers, access to talent, and more. Today, IvyCamp engages with its corporate partners in a number of ways.

  1. Running Corporate Innovation Programs
  2. We help to structure and run programs targeted at sourcing innovative solutions to specific business/technical issues raised by corporates.

    • We run campaigns across our startup, institute, and partner networks to identify solutions best suited for these issues. One recent campaign we concluded with NBHC resulted in a POC agreement between NBHC and the startup.
    • Running events and hackathons targeted at specific domains.

  3. Setting up and supporting Corporate Accelerators / Incubators
  4. We advise on best practices for incubator/accelerator programs, run the call for applications to identify startups best suited for what the corporate is trying to achieve in their program, provide the mentor network to guide the startups, and leverage our investor network once the startup is ready for funding.

    We recently ran a call for application program with Airbus.

  5. Running Brand Outreach Programs
  6. Corporates that have product/solution offerings targeted at startups, work with us to reach out to our startup network. The IvyCamp platform allows corporate to track leads, and shortlist startups that they want to engage with.

    IvyCamp also runs events targeted at specific industry segments for corporate so they can reach out to their relevant startup audience to test out and share their offering. We ran a startup event in Bangalore for the Polycom Founder to meet with and engage with startups in the telecom domain.

  7. Partnering with Corporates in our partner Engagements
  8. We have co – created an asset RIOT with NASSCOM 10K, that involves creating an ecosystem targeted at the IOT and Hardware Space. Our RIOT 3 edition, focused on engagements with select corporate to introduce them to our cureted startups in this space for a strategic alliance/engagement.

We also work with Corporates to explore avenues such as Aqui-hiring , Investments, workshops, partnerships etc. with startups.

If you are interested in an engagement with us on any of these opportunities or have something else to discuss, you can write to us at abhishek @ivycamp.in or ivycamp@ivycapventures.com.